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About Me

I am a wildlife, nature and landscape photographer. Born in Tanzania, Africa I now call Toronto, Canada my home.  


Growing up, my family would visit the Serengeti & Ngorongoro National Parks regularly and my fascination with wildlife and nature began at a very young age. However it wasn't clear how my passion would manifest itself until 2008 when a close friend introduced me to DSLR photography.  We were preparing for a trip to Tanzania and without doing much research I purchased an entry level DSLR. We spent 5 days touring the northern safari circuit. Our trip turned out great, but I couldn't say the same for my photos. It was certainly not due to the lack of beauty or opportunity. There was a clear gap in what I wanted to achieve and the results I produced.


I spent the next few years honing my skills with the goal of being able to reproduce on my screen what I saw in my mind. Since the subjects don't really move and you have to study lighting conditions, my focus initial focus was on landscape and nature photography. We all know there is no substitute for real experience, and that is what I was after. So I took pictures, lots and lots of pictures of lots of different subjects. I was finally starting to see results closer to what I had imagined and started moving into wildlife photography. I also upgraded my camera system from that initial entry level DSLR a few times to figure out what system meshed well with my style.

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